Our Iranian Sargol Saffron

Iranian saffron is the same as Persian saffron.The highest quality Iranian saffron is known as Sargol saffron.
Sargol literally translates as “top of the flower”. Our Iranian saffron is made up of the red stigmas which have been professionally cut and separated from the style prior to drying. Stigmas cut this way don’t trap the moisture inside. If stigmas stay attached to the style, it keeps inside up to 30-50% dead weight and you pay for it. We only sell the stigmas (threads).
Coloring power is the only measuring tool that assures you of consistent saffron quality. Based on ISO grading standard, our saffron way passes the requirement of 190 for grade I. Our saffron’s coloring strength is 259.3.

 Our Iranian Saffron Threads
Our Iranian Saffron Threads
  1. Saffron threads (filaments) are all vivid crimson color with a slightly lighter orange-red color on the tips. This indicates that it’s not cheap saffron that has been tinted red to look expensive.
  2. Aroma is strong and fresh.
  3. No broken-off debris collected at the bottom of container.
  4. No other yellow or white plant parts mixed in with the red threads .
  5. Fresh and current season's threads.
  6. Saffron threads are dry and brittle to the touch.
Lower Grade Saffron Threads
Low Grade Saffron Threads
  1. Saffron threads displaying telltale dull brick red coloring which is indicative of age.
  2. Aroma is musty.
  3. Broken-off debris is collected at the containers bottom, indicative of age-related brittle dryness.
  4. Yellow and white plant parts are not separated from the stigmas to add dead weight.
  5. Not a current season threads.
  6. Have moister trapped inside for adding dead weight.

Where does our saffron come from?

Our saffron comes from Khorasan province, the world capital of saffron in Iran.
Due to the long experience with its cultivation, and the transfer of methods of growing and harvesting from generation to generation, our Iranian saffron supplier has managed to keep its distinctive qualities in comparison with those produced by different suppliers from Iran.
Our supplier is very well known as the leading producer in Iran and it has proudly been successful to obtain the international certificates HACCP, ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 22000:2005 from SGS٭. Buy Saffron Now!