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100% Pure & Organic Persian Saffron Online
Only we could provide you with the best quality, 100% pure, organic saffron the world has to offer. You can't find it anywhere else but here!

Persian Saffron is globally known for its incomparable quality, fascinating fragrance, pleasant flavor, and superb coloring strength.

Our Persian Saffron is regarded as the best the world has to offer and is made up of the red stigmas (threads). It is dried to the degree that there is no moisture trapped inside to either add dead weight or affect the shelf life and its aroma.

According to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) the minimum requirement for coloring strength is 190 to be considered grade 1, where our quality Persian Saffron goes way beyond that requirement; the coloring strength of our 100% pure saffron is 259.3 and we have not found any other commercial saffron which measures up to ours.

Here at Sargol "Red Gold" ™, we believe you should be able to purchase the highest quality Persian saffron at a reasonable price, in fact, that's what we're all about! See our Sargol saffron

Organic Saffron

There are many consumers around the world that are concerned about the health risks of synthetic pesticides and food additives.

Our farmer supplier doesn't use Chemical material for cultivation. Our pure and natural Persian saffron has NO synthetic pesticides, NO food additives, NO preservative substances, and NO synthetic food coloring. So based on these true facts, we can claim that our Sargol Persian Saffron is ORGANIC SAFFRON.

Pure Saffron

Pure saffron is simply recognized from the color of the saffron threads (filaments). If the color of the threads at the tip is not slightly orange, it's the indication of the saffron threads being tinted red to look expensive. Also there should be No broken-off debris collected at the bottom of the saffron container. Broken debris is an indication of saffron threads being mixed with saffron substitutes, and therefore it's not pure. The last requirement for pure saffron is that, No other yellow or white plant parts (style) should be mixed in with the red threads.

Fresh Saffron

Fresh saffron is recognized from its color and aroma. The color of saffron threads (filaments) must be all red vivid crimson with a slightly lighter orange-red color on the tips, and saffron's aroma must be strong and fresh not musty.

High Quality Saffron

Quality of saffron is tied to its freshness and purity. It contains grade I saffron threads only. We are proud to announce that we always provide our customers with the best quality saffron in the world. Buy Saffron Now!